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Workshop on Entrepreneurship

Lahore - April 04, 2014

"Relationship in businesses is extremely important but at the same time you should know where to pull the plug and to anticipate business with full homework and full foundation work on it" 


Mr. Abid Malik 
Managing Partner, RVC Group, USA
(Silicon valley California, USA)
giving workshop on entrepreneurship.

Interview with Mr. Abid Malik


Mr. Abid Malik has over 24 years of sales, marketing, finance, and business development experience. Most recently he founded Indus Venture and joined RVC group that mentors and helps Innovative start-ups get funded in early and revenue stages. RVC Report Card is designed to help fill gaps in businesses and to make sure that business model has strategic planning. RVC past experience with 61 successful companies has shown that funding is byproduct of that planning.


He is member of the Intl. board of Minaret Business Organization (MBO) that has chapters in USA and Asia. He is an independent trustee (emeritus) at a socially responsible Amana Mutual Funds (AMANX, AMAGX, AMDX) that manages over 3.5 billions in assets. Abid also serves as member of the board for Strategic Research Circle, a non-profit that does research in the area of private enterprise and social responsibility. During 2013, he was named “Process Tycoon” during a business conference at University of Central Missouri.


Presentation Agenda:
- Business ethics
- Government and free market 
- Supply, demand, and competition in Free Market
- Inter-dependency in start-up ecosystems
- Why equity is important and how it works
- Start-up process: From idea to IPO
- What is innovation and a disruptive idea?
- Team, marketing & sales, innovation, finances
- Vision alignment, funds, valuation, and legal docs

Guest of Honor:
- Mr. Salim Ghauri (Chairman, NetSol Limited)
- Ms. Saira Ishtiaq Ahmad (Executive Director, TIE Lahore)
- Prof. Dr. Muhammad Zafarullah (Pro-Rector, UCP)
- Prof. Dr. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal Jadoon (Dean, UCP Business School)