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Startup Mentorship


To provide mentoring and education services  to pre and post revenue  companies and savvy investors using cutting edge online tools.


- Understanding business ecosystem

- Business equity and how it works

- Startup process: From idea to IPO

- What is innovation and a disruptive idea?

- Business Report Card & Strategy Sessions

- Legal docs and funding

- Isolating and reducing business risks

- Professional and personal development

- Channel selling  and outsourcing globally

- Capacity building and exit strategy


45% of startups lasts for 6 months. 1/3 are working on their ideas, 1/3 pitching to investors, only 1/3 ready to sell

Most founders claim that they will break even within 12 months but in reality only 10% do

50% face problem during development stage, 30% struggle with not having enough time, 20% have hiccups in sales & marketing

Source: (


Risk is part of doing business. We can t  eliminate risks but we can  reduce them through our innovative Report Card, Strategy Sessions covering key areas such as team, marketing program, sales engine, product evaluation, finance, and fundraising


We focus on CXOs of corporations because

business and organisation leaders are the ones who initiate change and higher standards of professionalism

Our sessions set in motion the logic, effective communication, and critical thinking, leading to self-discovery and self-assessment.


Incubators, Accelerators, Economic

Development Corporations, Universities, Investors, Professionals and Networking Groups