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Score Card Guide

1. New to Indus Venture?

  1. Click on "Member Services" (on top left links)
  2. Register client by clicking on "Sign Up" button
  3. Click on Register button after filling provided registration form
  4. You will be sent an email with account & Score card details


  1. Click on "Member Services" (on top left links)
  2. Provide your UserID / Password and click on "Login" button for authentication
  3. after successfully authentication, You will see Score card form

03. Score Card

Score Card is designed to help fill gaps in businesses and to make sure that business model has strategic planning. RVC past experience with 61 successful companies has shown that funding is byproduct of that planning.

Login to Customer Services will take you to Score card page, Fill out this pre-flight checklist, THE SCORE CARD. It will help you immensely in moving forward in a more assures and effective manner.