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We are serial entrepreneurs and investors based in Silicon Valley, Austin (Texas), Kansas City, Edmonton (Canada), and most recently, Doha (Qatar).

We focus world wide. Our investors only invest in companies that have followed or fit into our mentoring model to increase chance of success by several factors.

The primary purpose of the Score Card is to get your start up ready for funding. Our evaluation toolkit helps us understand whether a venture passes the muster for the investors. 

The next step is our pass/ fail certification and gap closing advice. This step, once completed, will increase your chances of getting funded by at least 10 times.

The small investment of $1,745 now will save a fortune later and increase the chances of funding by an order of magnitude. You can save the re-entry of the information by entering the score card info directly into our site.

The strategic session focuses on four key areas; Team, Product & Services, Marketing Plan, and Finance that includes fundraising

What $999 includes:

- Score Card with pass/ fail
- Two hours remote Strategic Planning Session
- Funding Deck templates
- Due diligence certificate


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