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A plugin for existing EMR/ PM applications, customized for homebound patients. The application has gone through more than 300 patients encounters in two home health care clinics; One in Detroit, MI, other in Lee's Summit, MO. A home healthcare company is also using the solution in Kansas City, MO.
An ecommerce solution connected with PcAmerica POS system to report inventory and sales of multiple retail stores in real time. Did installs for two paid POS-ecommerce clients; One in Canada, other in Kansas City.
The application was developed for an Edmonton, Canada based mentoring and investment company, RV Capital. It has report card to show up to 120 gaps in a startup in 4 key areas; Team, Products & Services, Marketing, and Finance that includes Fundraising. The app also offers online Strategy Session to fill gaps and manage Strategy Initiative for the founders. Over 200 clients have signed up and completed either Report Card or Strategy Session.
Founded in Silicon Valley, California the company makes prototype printed circuit boards. With 70 employees and 17 million in annual revenues, Nexlogic is one of our home runs in our portfolio.