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Exports to US EU markets

Multan - March 10, 2014


Pakistan should adopt modern technology to preserve mango so that it could be supplied to the US as well as the European markets, where it is in great demand, said Abid Malik, Managing Partner of the US RVC group. He was speaking at a discussion session on How to start and manage a business in American and Asian perspective , here at the Multan Chamber of Commerce & Industry (MCCI) on Sunday. 


Malik said that technology could be adopted for packaging of dried mango in the shape of pulp cubes and it could be supplied to any business chain. 

He said that RVC Inc was established about 20 years ago in Alberta (Canada) to deliver value-added services and make a difference in all stages of companies operations. "Our goal is to build a network of partners across the globe to accelerate and empower entrepreneurs build their success using the formula we have developed," he added. 

He further said that the RVC investment group evaluated, identified, and addressed gaps that might hinder investment and rapid growth opportunities in pre or post revenue start-ups. "We then engage a company s team with our diverse group of mentors refining funding documents, independent valuation, likely investor profiles, and the use of the funds. Finally, we help companies unify their team with their investors towards a common platform of understanding and enable them through a carefully managed progress towards a successful exit and returns," he added. 

Speaking on the occasion, Syed Iftikhar Ali Shah said that MCCI was holding very informative seminars, workshops and discussions to benefit exporters, manufacturers, growers. Khurram Javed, Secretary General of MCCI also spoke.