Consulting & Funding
Abid Malik, Executive Director
Abid Malik has over 24 years of sales, marketing, finance, and business development experience. Most recently he co-founded Indus Venture that mentors and helps Innovative start-ups funded in early and revenue stages.
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Abdul Rehman Arif, Family Business Management consultant
Abdul Rehman Arif is a versatile, commercially inclined and technically rounded business and operation excellence professional, leader, trainer, coach and consultant with more than 11 years diverse experience of setting up, revamping/transforming and working with some of the world’s top goods/services companies. Dealing with multicultural workforce in various countries and handling diverse roles within fast moving consumer goods (Procter & Gamble), automotive (Atlas Honda Limited) & retail / wholesale ( Stylo Group) industries.
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Ziad Khan, Venture Builder, Socialpreneur, Filmmaker, Educator, Researcher
Venture Builder, Socialpreneur, Filmmaker, Educator, Researcher, Women Empowerment and youth engagement activist. Capacity Building, Education, Technology, Media and Business expert with over 36 years of Executive and Entrepreneurial leadership experience in a vast array of international organizations. 22 years of experience providing effective academic and technical leadership and oversight of academic operations spread across several continents. Philanthropist and volunteer to the core, Mr. Khan has been offering education, learning and training solutions to over 50,000 individual students, governments, corporations and not for profit organizations across the globe especially in emerging economies and resource-deprived communities in need
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Basit Amin, Investor Relations
Basit Amin is a motivated, results-oriented individual who takes pride in being proactive in finding cost-effective solutions. His strength lies in developing, communicating and presenting information to the intended audience in the most clear and concise manner.
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Barrister Ahmed Uzair, Legal Affairs (Lahore, Pakistan)
Barrister Uzair is a Partner at a boutique law firm in Lahore. He advises his portfolio clients on intricate legal matters ranging from business operations such as government regulations, contracts, and intellectual property to setting up new companies.
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Eid Al Marri, Investors Relations (Qatar, UAE)
Specialist Fixed Assets at Qatar Telecom, Senior Analyst at 2008-2010 QATAR TELECOM, Accountant at 2005-2008 OCCIDENTAL PETROLEUM OF QATA, HR Assistant Director at 2004-2005 THE RITZ CARLTON, DOHA
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Hussan Khokhar, Consultant – Sales & Marketing
Hussan is possessing around 17 years of experience in Sales Distribution, Marketing, Business Development, Project Management and Key Account Management with leading MNC’s including Unilever – Dalda Foods, Novartis and Johnson & Johnson.
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Uzma Shah , Corporate Training
She has Over 10 years of operational, staff, and process management experience working for several leading organizations, including AT&T, Sprint PCS and U.S. Cellular and has Traveled extensively securing corporate investors...
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Hasan Tariq, Mentor (Silicon Valley, CA USA)
Founder of IQVIS Technologies, a silicon valley based Technology company with focus in Product Development and Event based technology. He hired a passionate team of magicians (also called developers) and works closely with the clients and the team to make the magic happen.
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Umar Siddiqui, MD, Medical & Managing Director (Austin, Texas)
Medical doctorate Health IT professional with a penchant towards entrepreneurship & a passion towards improving population health. Clinical Applications Analyst III [Epic OpTime - Surgical Information Systems], Medical Director - vPhysicians
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Don Pare, Chief Mentor (Edmonton, Canada)
Mr. Paré s passion is to create start-up and re-start funding and mentor entrepreneurs towards success. He has a consistent track record that both investors and entrepreneurs have come to rely upon with exits ranging from 700 to 1700 % ROI to early investors. He utilizes an innovative Cloud-funding model for quicker investment raises.
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Ken Hubbard, Investors Relations (Los Angeles, CA)
Partner at Private Capital Network. An international Angel Investor network with over 700 active investors.
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Badar Munir, Data Analyst
Badar is known at Indusventure for bringing technology to the research, including online surveys, research data, web based project manager, and other leading edge information tools.
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Jeffrey T. Taylor, Consultant (Seatle, USA)
Networking Source for Capital in Intellectual Property- Biotech:::Facilitator for Distribution, In-licensing / out-licensing, and M&A. We utilize our network to enhance your business.
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