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We are a group of investors and serial entrepreneurs based in Kansas City, Alberta (Canada), and most recently in Austin, Texas.  For past 20 years, our group has been using innovative but proven methods to accelerate and empower entrepreneurs. However, we are more than an accelerator or short-term funder.

Our group mentors global companies into investment readiness and then through a carefully planned exit with decent returns, so far ~ 700 to 1700% early ROI. We use a model that promotes Preparation, Targeting and then Presentation to our investors.

As we work with SMEs and start-ups, we team-up to mentor them and often collaborate with them. We have companies in their strategy-setting stage and others at the investment stage. Our expertise fits into both ... we are a soup to dessert company.

We are a group that offers strategy and management. We fund companies with a holistic approach for our clients, meaning, what do start-ups need to reach a successful orbit , not just first funding. We have over 7200 high net worth angels in our community, matching deal flows with passionate investors.

Even though our focus is IT and Healthcare, we expanded into Oil and Gas as well as special Real Estate developments. We come highly recommended by our clients as well as partners and are committed to the high moral ground.