Consulting & Funding
Uzma Shah , Corporate Training

She has Over 10 years of operational, staff, and process management experience working for several leading organizations, including AT&T, Sprint PCS and U.S. Cellular and has Traveled extensively securing corporate investors and consulting with start-up companies to provide effective marketing strategies, IT services, and global outsourcing.

Proven track record of providing multimillion-dollar business solutions for world-class organizations by providing additional expertise in managing projects and directing teams to expand business in international markets through blue print design, budget planning, marketing/distribution strategies, staff training, and quality control.

Winner of numerous production and Business Development awards. Career highlights include being appointed to launch and manage a new business internet support center in New Delhi, India

International executive leadership role provided educational advancement to elementary and middle school students living in an impoverished nation. Selected by the United Nations to serve as an international consultant to build a middle school in Azad, Kashmir. Visionary leadership secured $200,000 from the United Nations and $25,000 of private funds to subsidize the Oversees Grammar School. Extensive project and financial management knowledge were instrumental in the successful opening of the middle school in 1998. Fluent language skills in Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi, and English provided effective translation. Communicated strategic details with the United Nations, international employees, and individuals to build and finance the Oversees Grammar School, which has provided top instruction since 1998.

Recently been invinted to join as a member of Minaret Business Organization (MBO) as well as organize and Manage new Chapter in Chicago, IL.