Consulting & Funding
Jeffrey T. Taylor, Consultant (Seatle, USA)

Networking Source for Capital in Intellectual Property- Biotech:::Facilitator for Distribution, Inlicensing/out-licensing, and M&A. We utilize our network to enhance your business.

As part of the many services that NWCRC, Inc. provides, we are proud to assist in funding, numerous companies in drug, biologic, diagnostic, and medical device. We take pride in developing the technology for the future from the ground up. If you have an interest in taking a look at our current featured company and a BP/ES for companies who will be producing changing the landscape of healthcare for the future.

Clinical Trial Management Northwest Clinical Research Consultants, Inc. provides the pharmaceutical, biomedical and medical device industries with proven, senior-level clinical research consultants and services.

The Northwest Clinical Research Consultants, Inc. consultant team has many years of professional experience, with major pharmaceutical companies.