Consulting & Funding
Basit Amin, Investor Relations

Basit Amin is a motivated, results-oriented individual who takes pride in being proactive in finding cost-effective solutions. His strength lies in developing, communicating and presenting information to the intended audience in the most clear and concise manner.

He is a team player, quick learner and well-organised to face business challenges with more than 20 years’ experience. His current role of Investor Relations Executive at Indus Venture allows him to work alongside its founder as a liaison between potential partners and investors. He has good command to effortlessly explain company operations, long term plans and its goals.

Prior to Indus Venture, he worked in diverse industry sectors such as Chemicals, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Housing and Travel, which gave him extensive knowledge of supply management, contract management and customer relationship management.

He gained international experience by working across different corporate cultural settings of United Kingdom, Norway and Japan. Bespoke travel is his passion and a hobby, and he also helps people, SMEs and businesses plan, source and book travel and do travel management. He believes that “greener and sustainable travel” is the one thing that brings the community together and most importantly builds good and long-lasting relationships between different cultures, nationalities and faiths