Consulting & Funding
Barrister Ahmed Uzair, Legal Affairs (Lahore, Pakistan)

Barrister Uzair is a Partner at a boutique law firm in Lahore. He advises his portfolio clients on intricate legal matters ranging from business operations such as government regulations, contracts, and intellectual property to setting up new companies.

One of his keen interests is assisting young start-ups and investors on financial transactions. He recently represented a UAE based investor in a transaction worth over a million dollars.

Barrister Uzair completed his LLB from Cardiff University in United Kingdom and was called to the Bar by Lincoln’s Inn at the age of 23.

Barrister Uzair routinely writes and has published papers with Pakistan Law Digest and the Counsel Magazine, Karachi and the Human Rights Journal. He is the co-author of a book titled Alternative Dispute Resolution Review, published by Law Business Research, London. He is also the co-editor of Pakistan's first corporate law magazine, The Counsel. He is the founding member of Continuing Legal Education Initiative of Pakistan, which aims to raise the overall standard of the Bar.